A wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Board

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What are jigsaw puzzle boards?

Jigsaw puzzle boards are a popular accessory for puzzle enthusiasts who enjoy piecing together puzzles. These boards are designed to provide a convenient and portable work surface for puzzlers, allowing them to work on their puzzles without having to worry about the pieces sliding around or getting damaged. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small lap trays to large tabletops, to accommodate different puzzle sizes and piece counts.

A wooden jigsaw puzzle board


What are the different types of jigsaw puzzle boards?

You'll find several different types of jigsaw puzzle boards that you can buy, each with its own unique features and benefits. Here are some of the most common types of puzzle boards:

  1. Felt puzzle boards: These boards are made of lightweight foam and covered with felt or another soft fabric. The felt provides a non-slip surface that helps to keep puzzle pieces in place while working on the puzzle. Felt puzzle boards are typically designed to fold up for easy storage and transport.
  2. Wooden puzzle boards: Wooden puzzle boards are made of solid wood and provide a sturdy and durable work surface for puzzlers. They often feature a tilting mechanism that allows the board to be adjusted to the perfect angle for comfortable puzzling. Some wooden puzzle boards also have built-in drawers or compartments for storing puzzle pieces and accessories.
  3. Portable puzzle boards: These puzzle boards are designed for puzzlers who want to take their puzzles on the go. They often feature a built-in carrying handle and can be folded up for easy transport. Some portable puzzle boards also have a built-in cover that helps to keep the puzzle pieces in place during transport.
  4. Puzzle mats: Puzzle mats are similar to felt puzzle boards but feature a roll-up design that makes them easy to store and transport. They are typically made of foam and covered with a felt or fabric surface. Puzzle mats are a good option for puzzlers who don't have a lot of space to dedicate to puzzling. Read more on jigsaw puzzle mats.

A portable jigsaw puzzle board

In addition to their practical benefits, jigsaw puzzle boards can also serve as decorative items in a room. Many puzzle boards are designed to look like a piece of furniture, such as a coffee table or end table, and can be used as such when not in use for puzzling. Some puzzle boards even have a built-in frame that allows them to be hung on the wall as a piece of artwork.


Overall, jigsaw puzzle boards are a useful and practical accessory for all puzzle lovers. They provide a dedicated work surface for puzzling and help to keep puzzle pieces organized and intact. A puzzle board is a great accessory to have in your puzzling toolkit.


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