A jigsaw puzzle mat with trays to hold puzzle pieces

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What are jigsaw puzzle mats?

Jigsaw puzzle mats are designed to provide a portable, soft surface that can be easily rolled up and stored when not in use.

Jigsaw puzzle mats are typically made of a soft, felt-like material that cushions the puzzle pieces and helps prevent them from slipping around. The mats are available in different sizes and can accommodate a wide range of puzzle sizes and piece counts.

A jigsaw puzzle being pieced together on a jigsaw puzzle mat


How do you use jigsaw puzzle mats?

Using a puzzle mat is easy. You simply roll out the mat on a flat surface, such as a table or the floor, and begin assembling your puzzle on the mat. When you're done working on the puzzle, you can roll up the mat with the puzzle still on it, and store it away until you're ready to work on it again. Once you're ready to puzzle again, simply unroll it and you're back to where you left off.


What are the advantages of jigsaw puzzle mats?

One of the advantages of puzzle mats is that they allow you to work on your puzzle in a variety of locations. You can take your puzzle mat to a friend's house, to a coffee shop, or even on vacation, and continue working on your puzzle without having to worry about finding a suitable surface to work on.

Another advantage of puzzle mats is that they can help protect your puzzle from damage. When you're working on a puzzle, it's easy for the pieces to get jostled or knocked around, especially if you have pets or young children. Using a puzzle mat can help keep the pieces in place and prevent them from getting damaged.


What are some features of jigsaw puzzle mats?

Some puzzle mats come with a large sheet of fabric that acts as a puzzle saver. This sheet is placed on top of the puzzle, preventing the puzzle pieces from moving around or getting lost if the mat is accidentally bumped or jostled.

Also, some puzzle mats come with extra bags or trays where you can store and organize puzzle pieces by color or shape, making it easier to find the pieces you need as you work on the puzzle.

A jigsaw puzzle mat with trays to hold puzzle pieces

In summary, jigsaw puzzle mats are a useful accessory, providing a way to save your puzzle progress, a way to take your puzzle wherever you go, and a soft cushioned surface to puzzle comfortably on almost any flat area.


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