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How to Frame a Jigsaw Puzzle

Framing a jigsaw puzzle is a great way turn your jigsaw puzzle into a beautiful and unique piece of art that you can enjoy for years to come!

There are many resources online, including blogs and videos, that outline the steps. We'll be linking these here and focusing on where you could get some of the materials in New Zealand (as JIGWI is based in NZ).

To frame a jigsaw puzzle, find a suitable frame (our puzzles are 50 x 70cm) and then stick the pieces together (i.e., by using glue, tape or glue sheets). Then you can put the jigsaw puzzle in the frame and voilà, you have some artwork to show off!


Suggestions for suitable frames at various price points:


Suggestions for glue or tape to stick the pieces together:


Steps to glue and frame the jigsaw puzzle:


Just before you go, we've got some final tips to share:

  • It's important to handle the puzzle gently while framing it to avoid damaging the pieces
  • Measure the puzzle to make sure its dimensions will fit the frame
  • Be mindful of the sunshine and room conditions that may have a negative effect on your framed puzzle (e.g., UV rays and moisture)
  • Do not rush - you'll only need to do this process once, so take your time
  • Here are some resources to learn more about jigsaw puzzle glue


We can't wait to see your framed art :)


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