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What is jigsaw puzzle glue?

Jigsaw puzzle glue is a type of adhesive that is specifically designed for use with jigsaw puzzles. The glue is used to fix the puzzle pieces together once the puzzle is completed, creating a solid and permanent structure that can be hung or displayed without fear of the pieces falling apart.


How do you apply jigsaw puzzle glue?

Jigsaw puzzle glue typically comes in a bottle or tube, and is applied to the front or back of the completed puzzle using a special applicator or brush. The glue is spread evenly over the surface of the puzzle, filling in the gaps between the pieces and creating a smooth and even surface.


What are the advantages of jigsaw puzzle glue?

One of the main advantages of jigsaw puzzle glue is that it helps to preserve and protect the puzzle over time. Once the glue is applied, the puzzle becomes more resistant to damage from handling, humidity, or other environmental factors. It also helps to prevent the puzzle pieces from shifting or coming apart if the puzzle is bumped or moved.

Jigsaw puzzle glue also provides a way to display and showcase completed puzzles. Once the glue is dry, the puzzle can be mounted on a board or framed for display on a wall or shelf. This makes it easier to show off your completed puzzles and share them with others.


What are the different types of jigsaw puzzle glue?

There are several different types of jigsaw puzzle glue available, including water-based, solvent-based, and spray-on varieties. Some glues are designed to dry clear, while others may have a slight tint or gloss. It's important to choose a glue that is appropriate for the type of puzzle you have and to follow the instructions carefully.


Overall, jigsaw puzzle glue is a useful tool for preserving, protecting, and displaying completed jigsaw puzzles. It helps to keep the puzzle pieces together and allows for easy display and sharing.


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