Stacked jigsaw puzzle sorting trays with jigsaw puzzle pieces sorted in each stacked tray

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What are jigsaw puzzle sorting trays?

As the name suggests, jigsaw puzzle sorting trays are trays or containers used to sort and organize puzzle pieces by color, shape, or pattern.

Sorting trays are particularly useful when working on puzzles with a large number of pieces or complex designs, as they allow you to easily locate and identify the pieces you need to complete a particular section of the puzzle.

Sorting trays come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small plastic containers with multiple compartments to larger trays with individual sections for each color or shape. Some sorting trays are made of plastic, while others are made of wood or cardboard.

Stacked jigsaw puzzle sorting trays with jigsaw puzzle pieces sorted in each stacked tray

What are the benefits of jigsaw puzzle sorting trays?

One of the benefits of using sorting trays is that they can help to speed up the puzzling process. Instead of rummaging through a pile of puzzle pieces to find the ones you need, you can simply reach for the tray containing the pieces you're looking for.

Sorting trays can also help to prevent frustration and confusion when working on a challenging puzzle. By keeping the puzzle pieces organized and separated by color or shape, you can more easily see how the pieces fit together and which pieces you still need to find.

For example, you might sort your puzzle pieces by color, placing all the blue pieces in one tray, all the red pieces in another, and so on. Alternatively, you might sort your pieces by shape or pattern, placing all the edge pieces in one tray, all the pieces with straight edges in another, and so on.

A person completing a puzzle with puzzle pieces organised in jigsaw puzzle trays

In addition to their practical benefits, puzzle sorting trays can also be a fun and creative way to approach the puzzle assembly process. You can experiment with different sorting strategies and come up with your own unique ways of categorizing the puzzle pieces.


Overall, puzzle sorting trays are a valuable tool for puzzle enthusiasts who want to organize and streamline their puzzling experience. They can help to save time, reduce frustration, and add an extra element of creativity to the process.


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