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What are jigsaw puzzle glue sheets?

Jigsaw puzzle glue sheets are a type of adhesive that are specifically designed for use with jigsaw puzzles. Unlike traditional glue, which is applied directly to the puzzle using an applicator, puzzle glue sheets are a pre-cut adhesive sheet that can be applied to the back of a completed puzzle.


How do you apply jigsaw puzzle glue sheets?

Jigsaw puzzle glue sheets typically come in packs of several sheets, each of which can be trimmed to fit the size of the puzzle. The adhesive side of the sheet is placed on the back of the puzzle, and then the puzzle is flipped over so that the glue sheet can be pressed firmly onto the back of the puzzle. Once the sheet is applied, it creates a permanent and strong bond that holds the puzzle pieces together.


What are the advantages of jigsaw puzzle glue sheets?

One of the main advantages of puzzle glue sheets is that they are easy to use and mess-free. Unlike traditional glue, there is no need to worry about drips or spills, and there is no need for an applicator or brush. The sheets are also quick-drying, which means that the puzzle can be hung or displayed soon after application.

Puzzle glue sheets are also versatile and can be used with a wide variety of puzzles, including puzzles with irregular shapes or sizes. They are compatible with most puzzle materials, including cardboard, wood, and foam, and can be easily cut to fit the size and shape of the puzzle.


Overall, jigsaw puzzle glue sheets are a convenient and easy-to-use adhesive option for preserving and protecting completed jigsaw puzzles. They offer a mess-free and quick-drying solution that creates a strong and permanent bond between the puzzle pieces, making it easier to display and share completed puzzles.


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